At , we give product quality paramount importance. This is an essential first step towards our ultimate goal of providing outstanding service to all our clients.

We stock fine-cut diamond melee upwards of 0.003 carats, in rounds, and fancy shapes. We also carry a selection of certified and non-certified eye-clean diamonds over 0.30-2.00 cts. From precision cut fine make VS-SI goods for your timeless masterpieces, to the very good cut I1 goods for your budget aware offerings, we have it all!

With over 10,000 customers worldwide and no middlemen, we have the unmatched power to negotiate and are able to pass on the benefits to our customers. Furthermore, our large on-hand inventory, no minimum order policy, option to buy calibrated sizes at no extra charge and prompt shipping methods allow you to operate on a just-in-time inventory model, reducing your liabilities, limiting your risks arising from price volatility, and increasing your interest savings.

Our assortments are vigorously sorted beyond the comprehensive 4C’s so that all the stones used in your custom design match perfectly. We understand what it means for you to sign off your name on a custom piece you have worked hard on and we value the trust placed in us. Our goods and assortments are available on memo based on your needs and for your inspection.

Our customers can be assured their purchases are responsibly sourced.

The diamond business is based on trust, and this is our legacy. Our clients are family and great customer service will never go out of fashion.